About Us

Adspect was founded in 2019 as an adtech startup with focus on online advertising security and fraud protection. The technical codebase that we built our minimum viable product on had previously been used extensively in private affiliate campaigns and proven invaluable to their success. Adspect is made for affiliates by affiliates, rigorously tested in battle. Our mission is to bring advanced and expensive technologies of the corporate fraud protection market into the realm of affiliate marketing and make them affordable to everyone.

Our Vision

Most security products for affiliate marketers offered on the market today rely on outdated techniques that have long been imprecise, prone to frequent false negatives, and overall naïve. IP address blacklisting combined with simple heuristics were rendered vastly irrelevant by the inception of the 3rd generation of bots based on programmable headless browsers and empowered by providers of proxy services with residential IP addresses. These bots go past blacklist-based filters undetected, and at the same time they are becoming increasingly widespread in advertising networks.

All the big players in the fraud protection market understand this very well and employ much more advanced fingerprinting techniques to protect their corporate clients from click fraud, especially the so called “WAP click” offers by mobile VAS providers due to their inherent fraud risk. But their services are too expensive for an average affiliate marketer to afford.

The initial prototype of Adspect was conceived from dissatisfaction with existing products for safeguarding affiliate marketing campaigns. A quick test of trivial JavaScript fingerprint heuristics uncovered large volumes of click fraud in popunder traffic that went past top 3 of our now-competitors. Repeated cloaking failures of the latter did not help either. It became clear that fingerprint-based filtering is a perfect match for bot-ridden online advertising, helping to collect efficient blacklists of sources in 10–100 times less time and expenses.

Our Background

Apart from affiliate marketing and adtech, we have vast background in enterprise-grade IT, ranging from application and systems programming to running a Unix engineering department of a large hosting company. As such, we employ a solid, battle-proven technology stack to power our frontend, backend, OLAP, and DevOps subsystems.
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